A couple weeks ago josh pan let loose a mind boggling seventeen track album and it has been seeing continuous play over here at The Dankles. We are dealt a wide variety of material on ‘if youre reading this youre josh pan’, so rest assured there’s a little something here for everyone. It wasn’t until the later half of last year that josh pan kept popping up on our radar but since there he has been quick to carve out his own unique niche in the ever changing music community. Dipping his toes in many different genres it’s clear that we are seeing the emergence of a very talented young producer. Coming to us from New York, NY we see him take a crack at everything on this new album from dreamy, downtempo soundscapes, to hyphy off kilter tracks, and unique future vibes infused with some classic east coast hip hop flavors along the way as well. That being said you won’t be able to simply listen one track off this LP to get a feel for things, so be prepared to sit down and rinse this one from beginning to end so you can paint a full picture of what this talented producer is bringing to the table.

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