The trio known as Autograf have been doing some pretty incredible things to enhance the state of electronic music. Their sound could fall into the future house/tropical house genres, but what they are doing is so much more. With several Hype Machine number 1 releases, Louis Kha, Mikul Wing and Jake Carpenter treat every aspect of the music industry as a chance to turn it into art. From incorporating live, hand crafted instruments such as an acrylic, electric djembe with LED lights and a marimba into their music, to creating their own massive sized art installations for their stage production (see video below). Autograf creates feel good music that incorporates soul, live instrumentation and depth. Their latest release “Dream” is their first original track and “the feels” are pretty real as the piece begins with a beautiful marimba melody and lyrics the represent the dream they are living, one that is filled full time with art and music. The piano chords add a warmth and boldness to the track that is perfectly paired with heartfelt vocals making you wish the track would never end. Be sure to like the track on Hype Machine here because Autograf is as authentic as it gets. Talent, art and passion makes this trio stand out above the rest.

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