Just recently the theatrical production//performance group the Lucent Dossier Experience dropped the veil on their new album ‘Light Of The World’. If you frequent the festival circuit then you have most likely been able to catch one of their stunning live acts in the past. For those of you that have not, it’s about time you did a little research! Lucent Dossier Experience infuses live acrobatic, dance, and performance into an otherworldly showcase that is truly one of a kind. ‘Light Of The World’ is their sophomore release, and like all of their other releases it is produced to coincide and blend into the live aspect of their performance. The music is arranged by Lucent Dossier producers Atla Gadret, Frankie Metaphase, and creative director Dream Rockwell (and they did an amazing job). Their entire release carries you away from this realm and into their own spacey atmosphere of heart felt beats. Below is a little sneak peek at their live performance for those of you that have yet to catch them live.

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