You guys are in for a treat today! Not only do we have an exclusive download for you from 4bstr4ck3r’s brand new Street Ritual release but we also have another surprise coming down the pipes later this afternoon from yet another highly esteemed Bay Area label. ‘Bass Bump’ is the first full EP to be released by 4bstr4ck3r in 2015 and let us tell you, this is one hell of a way to kick things off. We were pretty unfamiliar with 4bstr4ck3r when we first lent him our ears but all we want now is to hear more from this talented French producer on the rise. On ‘Bass Bump we see him bring an otherworldly take on glitch hop to the table through infusing moist textures, bouncing bass, eastern instrumentals, and even some swing influences throughout of the course of the four tracks which make up this release. Thanks to the team at Street Ritual we have been graced with the opportunity to bring you an exclusive stream of ‘6th Sens’, one of our favorites from the EP. Now it’s time for us to shut up and let you immerse yourselves in this mind bending release. Turn up the volume, lean on back, and close your eyes as 4bstr4ck3r takes you on a multidimensional voyage through the fabric of space and time.

Download ‘6th Sens’ Here

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