To keep the blood flowing today we have another smokin’ hot exclusive that is about to tromp through your eardrums. This one comes to us from the ever talented My Pet Monster courtesy of the MalLabel Music┬áteam. Having just surfaced online earlier this month, ‘Southern Hospitality’ has been tearing things up across the web.Some of you may recognize this Bay Area producer from our previous posts where we have shown the spotlight on Deep City Culture, a collaborative project between Auganism, Orkidz, and himself. On ‘Southern Hospitality’ we get a little taste of what My Pet Monster’s production is like apart from Deep City Culture. He churns up a frothy serving of undulating bass rhythms as we are hit with everything from spacey bass vibes to bouncing swing beats, along with a few special remixes sprinkled in there as well. ‘Tennessee Tumbleweed’ is an in your face swing-hop track that is sure to have you on your feet and getting down! If you like what you’re hearing on this brief taste, make sure you check out the rest of his latest release below.

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