When it comes to making tunes, some artists just have the magic touch. Where most of us see shapes and colors I suspect Myxed Up might see sounds: his tunes are so immersive I could hold the stuff they’re made of in my hands. I asked the emerging Denver producer for a track to feature when I realized that I keep all his music on the heaviest rotation – alongside artists like Distance, Sleeper, and most recently Endigo. Myxed Up composed a brilliance dedicated to the occasion.

I have some work to do if I intend to do justice to a track stamped by my name. “Koziel” is something between a song and a dubstepper’s dark daydream. If you have a taste for bass that you sometimes mistake for your heartbeat, this one’s for you. Myxed Up honors dubstep’s deep tradition in this haunting celebration of the things that send shivers down your spine. With its creepy yet melodic, subtly cinematic quality, “Koziel” may be one of those things itself. Snag the deep, dark, dangerous download exclusively from The Dankles, and lock onto Myxed Up’s SoundCloud and Facebook pages for vibes incoming.

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