The first time I heard a hint of “Sex Tape” was in N-Type’s December mix for RinseFM. The tune was still playing as I immediately dropped everything and began a mission to identify it that lasted for months. DUPLOC‘s upload of Demon and Beezy‘s nasty gem might be the most exciting thing that’s ever graced my social media feed. “Sex Tape” is a shining example of proper dirty talk. Beezy’s unhinged account of deliciously disgusting sex games might appall those of a vanilla persuasion; Demon’s grimy beat is equally offensive. If your idea of “making love” is tethered to the missionary position, this is probably not the tune for you. But if a little filth thrills you, proceed to the play button. Warning: unless you work in a porn studio, this track is NSFW. “Sex Tape” will be released on Demon’s forthcoming Narkotiks EP on M.U.D.

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