We love being able to work hand in hand with artists//collectives from all around the globe. Recently we have been in contact with the team at fckthsindstry out in the Netherlands about shining some light on their latest release, so here we are. ‘As a Side Note’ is their first collaborative project with UK-based label Ethereal and boy does this look like the start of a great relationship. They are doing their thing to bring you the best from both collectives, combining like-minded artists in the creation of one, fluid musical journey. In their first installment, fckthsindsty’s Chris Jayden delivers a heavy bass treatment with his original track ‘IDFWY’. Ethereal’s then takes the reigns Captpizza and follows it up with a beautiful remix of ‘Show Me Love’ that you’ll have to hear to believe. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself rinsing these two tracks over and over again, because they are truly captivating. Each single embodies the true spirit of both teams so make sure to lend them your ear in the future if you’re digging what they are dishing out on ‘As a Side Note’.

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