The legendary duo, Jack Ü, has been the hottest topic since the release of their debut album at the end of February. The media simply couldn’t resist the product of an alliance between the two mega-stars. One being the humble forerunner of the hardcore-to-edm stereotype, Skrillex. The other being the loud, genre-bender extraordinair from left field, Diplo. But no one has taken the body of music as serious as Johnny Mabie, aka Yung Yawn, aka Juan, aka BEARSOHMY.

With the inundation of ‘To Ü’ and ‘Take Ü There’ remixes we’ve heard from the new Jack Ü album, John came in hot with this risky remix of “Jungle Bae”. BEARSOHMY’s reinterpretation is a grimy twist on the original, peppered with high energy drops ranging from 2-steppin’ DnB to huge 808 trap. The “bootleg” status of this remix is hardly noticeable, and the production quality gives all other remixes we’ve heard a run for their.

Keep your eyes peeled for a BEARSOHMY EP coming out this spring.

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