Spice up your day with the latest Muti Music release to streak across the web. Just last week Hypha dropped the curtains on a new self titled LP that is loaded with a fine selection of diverse bass music for your ear holes. Some of you may be unfamiliar with Hypha but this fourteen album will serve as the perfect introduction. This west coast producer is working his way into the scene through showing us that he is a truly multifaceted artists. In the past we have seen him dish out everything from DnB to Trap vibes but on this latest release we are hit with a fresh assortment of lush, textured, and abstract bass music that is guaranteed to have you up and grooving. Following the release of this new self titled LP we were also gifted an attractive new video for ‘Huyendo’, a collaborative track with Wu Wei. In┬áthe video we are tantalized by the stylish dance moves of two talented performers and top notch video editing through and through so we found it only right to tuck that in here alongside everything else. While you can’t grab this release free of charge it is well worth finding your way to iTunes where you can get your hands on all fourteen tracks for a small fee. If you’re looking for an album to tune in to and get lost for the evening, this is the ticket. Dive on in and see what Hypha has in store.

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