We have said this in the past but we will reiterate it one more time; we love remix releases. Seeing a handful of talented producers all lend a hand in morphing a fellow artists material into their own work of art is always amazing. Today we have the latest release from Salt Lake City’s ‘Damn Son’ imprint, a frothy array of intelligent soundscapes that are wrangled together to form a cohesive stream of auditory bliss that is fit for any occasion. Here we see CloZee, Spoken Bird, Urple Eeple, KR$CHN, Soulular, and J Ray all take on tracks from the latest release from Gaszia & RoboCLIP. Each producer lends their own unique style to the original of their choice to deliver us a wide breath of styles. We are dealt everything from wonky bass fueled glitch hop tracks, to ambient, and house vibes that are sure to carry you off into the cosmos. The cherry on top of this sundae is the fact you can grab this whole batch of tunes for any price that seems fitting, even if that’s for free! That means don’t sleep on adding each of these remixes to your library before the weekend.

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