Stumbling across a talented artist in the depths of SoundCloud is always a good feeling. The only thing that trumps the feeling of new found discovery is probably being able to share their material with all of you out there on the other side. It was just the other day that we came across the musical crooning of Kan~G, and boy have we been stuck. He is bringing a light and airy production style to the table where he has dipped his toes in a fine variety of downtempo ambience. Though he is associated with a couple of other projects it has only been a couple of months since he began releasing tunes beneath this new moniker. Rather than just bring you one track from this talented producer on the rise we thought why not give you a taste of everything he has let loose on SoundCloud so far. This way you can pick and choose which tracks you like best as you peruse what he has to offer thus far.

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