Start the week off right with our latest exclusive! We have teamed up with Party Time Society once again to bring you a special B-Side from Akasha’s latest EP ‘Pathfinder’. Just a few weeks ago this Richmond, VA bass maestro dropped the curtains on his latest batch of tracks and they have been receiving great amazing reception on the web thus far. ‘Request for Truth’ is the only B-Side from ‘Pathfinder’ so even if you have already hopped on this killer EP this will still be something fresh for your eardrums. As you dive in you will find yourself quickly whisked off your feet and carried off into the ether by Akasha’s otherworldly and immersive style. Rumbling, intergalactic bass, and undulating textures take over as minimal vocal samples slide back and forth in the foreground. If you find yourself simply yearning for more after you give this one a good listen make sure to find your way to the stream below or over to Beatport//Addictech where you can grab yourself a copy of ‘Pathfinder’ for a small fee.

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