It’s always fun when two talented artists drop a new project on us out of the blue. Recently M!NT and PWEST debuted a new series that is already shaping up to be something fun to keep up on. They are playing off the traditional a traditional mixtape style that features multiple beats//verses with minimal blending to project a fluid and continuous vibe. While most of the time you would expect a variety of vibes from different producers, these two decided to simplify it just a bit for the initial go around. For this first installment M!NT churned up 5 new beats in the matter of a couple hours; after cleaning them up they were then layer into a cohesive stream before they were put into the hands of PWEST. The next day PWEST had churned up 100 brand spankin’ new bars to accompany the production, after a little mixing, and mastering we are left with ‘100 Bars Vol. 1’. In the future we can look to see production collabs with M!NT and other artists along with other emcees hopping on the mic with PWEST. One of the points behind this idea is to hold people attention for an allotted amount of time rather than have people just jumping through a track. Depending on their schedules we can look to see new installments weekly or monthly so keep your ears peeled for Vol. 2 coming sometime in the near future! In the mean time check out M!NT’s upcoming tour dates with Exmag below, he may very well be coming to a city near you!

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