We love how SoundCloud has made it so distance is not truly an issue for artists these days. Someone can be sitting in the comfort of their own home and stumble across sounds from anywhere on the planet and in tail bring their music to people who wouldn’t otherwise hear it. This is the case with Beat Mix & Song’s latest compilation release ‘The Source’, one of the artists who leant a track to it turned us onto them and now we can’t get enough. This French Lifestyle//Music outlet brought this to the publics attention a couple weeks ago and it has been spreading to ears all around the globe. They released this to say thank you for the continued support the have been receiving since their inception, and we must say, this is one hell of a way to do so! We have been gifted eight new tracks from talented producers that encapsulate everything from laid back house vibes to luscious future beats. Dr. MaD, El. Train, Lafayette Ellis, 1upWorld, Ness, Gizzle Beatz, LeDouix, and Endé all lend track to this compilation so if you have yet to hear of a few of these talented artists be sure to find your way over to their SoundCloud to see what else they have on deck.

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