We have been working with The OriGinALz over here at The Dankles for some time now. Since we first stumbled across their SoundCloud a couple years back we were immediately hooked. We knew it would only be a matter of time before this talented production duo would eventually found their way into the ears of all the right people. Since then they have amassed quite the catalogue of originals, collaborative tracks, and remixes that are sure to tickle your fancy. Today we see the release of their latest LP ‘Intravenous’ on the highly esteemed bass label Gravitas Recordings! We know the guys are truly excited to share this new brainchild with the world, so don’t hesitate to dive right in. Throughout the eleven track LP we are dealt five new originals, two new collaborative tracks with Knight Riderz and The Digital Connection, and four mind bending remixes from LabRat, Bleep Bloop, Stylust Beats, and Perkulat0r. Least to say, this is one jam packed release. We are dealt everything from ethereal space bass infused vibes to hyphy west coast beats that are sure to get the party started regardless of where this swarms your eardrums. It’s always nice when artists spruce up a new album by sliding a few extra tidbits like they did with the remixes closing out ‘Intravenous’. It gives the songs that are remixed a little bit of new life, while at the same time allowing us to gain a different perspective and see what other producers churn up when they have the stems from the originals at their fingertips.

 Check out the ‘Intravenous’ video here

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