If you’re familiar with Hamburg, Germany based imprint Saturate Records you most likely already know, each release of theirs is continually¬†pushing the boundaries of sound. Dishing out so many different varieties of unique, forward thinking, and diverse bass music it’s always a pleasure when they let loose a new EP. Their latest release comes to us from Ethan Glass, a Virginia based producer with some serious style. Now he has really brought some heat to the table on ‘Molten Chore’, hitting us with a full onslaught of in your face, speaker rattling, off kilter bass music that may leave some of your heads spinning (in a good way of course). Throughout all eight tracks we are hit with industrial bass rhythms infused with some truly outlandish turned up space vibes so you better be ready to get a little weird for the next 30 minutes. If you have never heard of Ethan Glass or Saturate prior to diving into this post we hope this serves as a proper introduction to the amazing work Glass does as an artist and Saturate¬†does as a label! Keep an eye on both of them because we are sure they will continue to bring out all the stops as 2015 chugs along.

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