Flako is one of those producers that has been on our radar for years. While he is generally fairly quite on the release front, it’s always a pleasure when we see a new track from him surface in our feed. We first stumbled across this talented London based producer when ‘Lonely Town feat. Dirg Gerner‘ appeared on the web years ago, so it’s hard to believe he is just now releasing his first full length album to the public. With that being said it’s pretty obvious he must have been putting some serious work into ‘Natureboy’. The end result of this long period of studio seclusion and hard work is a dazzling sixteen track album that takes us on a truly unique auditory adventure. A light intro leads us into the album where the energy almost immediately picks up and continues to surge as we wind our way from track to track. Everything from atmospheric cinematic soundscapes to uptempo bass driven melodies are present as you work your way through the sixteen tracks that made it onto ‘Natureboy’ and not one of them disappoints. While you can’t listen to a full stream on his SoundCloud hopefully the brief six track taste he has uploaded thus far is enough to spur you into grabbing a copy so you can enjoy this album in its entirety.

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