If you frequent our site you have probably come to the realization that we love pretty much everything that Chillage Records brings to our attention. This latest release comes from Elevated Mind and it’s quite the doozy, so you better buckle up. On his latest ‘Synesthesia’ EP we are loaded up with three new originals and a new collaborative track with Dubvirus. Each track is stacked with wild reverberating bass vibes and alien like textures that are surely transmitted to him from another realm of the cosmos. While this is a fairly short release you will soon see that it truly packs a punch as each track serves as its own wild joyride throughout the spectrums of sound. You can grab yourself a copy over on the Chillage Records Bandcamp free of charge or for a small donation if you’re feeling generous! These guys dish out just about all of their music for free so I’m sure they appreciate anything and everything their supporters feel like giving back. Now that’s enough from us, get lost in the sounds of Elevated Mind, and keep your ears peeled for the next out of this world release from Chillage Records.

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