A few years ago I would’ve been shocked to hear drum n’ bass blaring over the speakers of the local liquor store; these days, such casual miracles are routine. Anyone who’s spent any time in Denver’s electronic music scene recently must’ve caught an inkling of it: drum n’ bass and jungle are quite healthy in the mile high city. The genres’ sounds are unavoidable, and the abundance of quality music in the classic tradition is attracting fresh ears. After eleven-plus years of pushing the original styles that serve as the foundation for today’s electronic music, the Recon crew damn well knows how to throw a proper party. On the third Saturday night of each month, Denver’s drum n’ bass heads and true junglists pay homage to their primal passion in the Club Vinyl basement. This coming Saturday (4/18) marks one such sacred celebration. April’s event features a very special showcase from Spinscott.The stateside pioneer comes with sleeves full of old tricks that may strike some of us as astonishingly new.

In a culture held to a sync button standard, any kind of live performance is regarded as a rare treat. For Spinscott, live electronic music is the norm. The orchestrator of the persevering jungle scene is known for his drum machine mastery. Spinscott’s performance is completely organic and loop-free. His innovative Jungle-Plus Drums format synthesizes live mixing and finger drumming routines for a production that pushes the boundaries of musical performance. As well as audibly stimulating, live finger drumming at such extreme BPM’s is a visual spectacle to savor. The artists’ series of YouTube videos showcases the primal performance that encompasses the appropriate sense of urgency for the genres’ notoriously animalistic vibes. Be prepared to spend a few hours exploring this gold mine: Spinscott’s rhythmic dexterity has a hypnotizing effect.

As a veteran of the US jungle/drum n’ bass scene, Spinscott boasts an impressive catalogue of releases on Dynamix Recordings and Faction Digital Recordings. With foundations in jungle, drum n’ bass, juke, and footwork styles, the artists’ musical repertoire covers the spectrum of classic dance floor sounds. Denver staples Axel Madden and Recon’s founder and leading lady Despise will kick off Saturday night’s shenanigans, along with Recon resident artists and the X-Tra Stamina Emcee. If the idea of organic loop-free live machine drumming eludes, excites, or amazes you, this is the event you’ve been waiting for. Prepare to pass the night with your feet in perpetual motion and your jaw on the floor. Spinscott intends to irrevocably alter your expectations for electronic music performance. RSVP to the event on Facebook, and save a few bucks by snagging those pre-sale tickets while they’re available. See you in the dance!


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