We always like to keep things fresh over here at The Dankles so we thought it only right to turn you on to the amazing Nicole Lionette. This talented singer//songwriter has a truly seductive voice that is sure to rope you in as soon as you dive in to her latest single ‘See You’. This is an early taste of her upcoming ‘Fear’s Drum’ EP that should be out sometime in the near future, and man does it leave us craving more. ‘See You’ is the perfect track for any time of the day; whether you’re getting your day in gear, taking a little break from the chaos during lunch, or winding down for the evening. We are sure Nicole’s voice will cast a soothing wave of bliss over your body and soul. If you can’t wait to get your hands on this luscious single you can find your way on over to her Bandcamp to grab yourself a copy for a small fee or be patient and wait for the entire EP to see the light of day!

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