This week we are shining out guest mix spotlight on Conscious Kalling. This talented producer from Sante Fe, New Mexico has been making quite the stir in the underground bass scene recently and we wanted to make sure each and every one of you knew what he was all about. Following the recent release of his ‘Harmonious Way’ EP with our pals at Party Time Society we thought this would be a great way to continue stoking the fire around this talented artist on the rise. In this new mix we are presented with a fine arrangement of mellow-toned soundscapes, bubbling bass rhythms, and some higher octane tracks that are sure to have you grooving. For those of you unfamiliar with Conscious Kalling this will serve as the perfect introduction as this entire mix is made up of original music, remixes, and unreleased material that is sure to leave you asking for more.

01) Conscious Kalling & Lydian Gray – Harmonious Way
02) Five-Sided Diagonal Objects
03) White Label (unreleased)
04) Dubvirus – Bridging The Gap (Conscious Kalling remix) – live arrangement
05) Untitled feat. Ursa Minor – live arrangement
06) The Dynamic Path of Being
07) Johnny Cash – Hurt (Conscious Kalling Remix)
08) Dubvirus – It Comes in Waves (Conscious Kalling Remix)
09) White Label (unreleased)
10) Mr Jennings – Drip Drop Hip Hop (Conscious Kalling Remix)
11) Sattva Ananda – Chiznickens (Conscious Kalling Remix)
12) Blue Sunshine – Space Cruisin’ (Conscious Kalling Remix)
13) Gangsta In The Deep – live arrangement
14) Ancient Truth feat. Michael Tellinger

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