France’s C Y G N has been on absolute fire this year. Whether it’s his original material or the remixes he has been leaking out lately, literally everything he touches turns to gold. Earlier this week he let loose a new edit of The Weeknd’s ‘Earned It’ and we haven’t been able to take this one off repeat. The original vocals are sifted through a grid of alluring textures and rhythms that are sure to suck you in quicker than you might expect. C Y G N’s production is crisp and continues to keep us on our toes as he churns out everything from mellow-toned atmospheric melodies to tumbling bass fueled future soundscapes. If this is the first time he is making his way through your eardrums be sure to find your way over to his SoundCloud or Bandcamp to fully immerse yourself in his continually growing catalogue of quality material. As many artists do these days, C Y G N doles out all of his music free of charge so be sure to take advantage of that once you fall in love with this talented producer that is quickly gaining notoriety.

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