Today we are dropping the curtains on our final exclusive for the week! This one is coming in hot from yet another recent MalLabel Music release, this time from the ever talented Egia. She is coming to us from New Jersey with a very stand out take on electronic bass music. Entwining singer/songwriter skills with ethereal bass melodies of all sorts, you are surely about to be swept off your feet as your check out ‘Degeneration’, a brief taste from her new EP ‘Futurphysiks’. This happens to be the opening track on the release which paints a great picture of how Egia infuses her production with light vocal melodies. Courtney Wetzel lends her voice to the worldy bass infused beat conjured up by Egia and thus creates a light and welcoming tone for ‘Futurphysiks’. Below you will find an added stream of the rest of the EP below so you can see what else Egia is bringing to the table. Each track shines the light on different sides of her production style as we are hit with downtempo, mellow-toned drum and bass, and even some footwork vibes on the remaining four tracks. We are sure plenty of you are going to want to get your hands on a copy of this release so make sure to follow the links below to find out how you can make that a reality.

Download ‘Dengeneration’ Here

Buy ‘Futurphysiks’ Here

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