The Dankles is excited to announce Photo Reel Friday, a new weekly photo installment. We have teamed up with group of talented photographers to bring you a specially curated gallery of photos from concerts, festivals and events each week. Each Photo Reel Friday will be a put together around a theme that is not explicitly music but what happens around the music.

This first installment was captured and curated by Lance Williams (LVNXE) from his recent trip to Lucidity Festival in California.

Lance’s Inspiration: “I chose to depict creatively conscious individuals taking part in the festival apart from the music. All the people I met who were dancers, designers, acrobats and musicians in their own right. The glowing human structure was actually controlled by five separate people. I felt is as a good tie into the theme. All of them being creative entities forming around one body.”

Photoreel Friday 1


Photoreel Friday


Photoreel Friday 2



Photoreel Friday 3


Photoreel Friday 5

Photoreel Friday 6

Photoreel Friday 7


Big ups to LVNXE! Check out more of his work HERE


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