Sub.mission has been holding down Denver’s rich underground bass scene for eight years. That’s a hell of a long time: when Sub.mission started bringing dubstep to the mile high city, the man now known as Skrillex had just released his third album as the frontman for emo-punk band From First To Last. Sub.mission’s history is as deep as the classic dubstep sounds showcased by their legendary lineup of headlining artists. This Friday, April 24th, Sub.mission celebrates the past eight years in the tradition of “Moving People Through Sound, Not Hype” and kicks off many more to come with a proper warehouse style throwdown at the Fusion Factory. The event features dubstep staples Dark Tantrums, Vivek, and Truth. You should definitely cop your tickets for the all-night BYOB extravaganza (21+) while they’re still available, but right now I’m here to introduce you to the underappreciated (but definitely not unheard) heroes of Denver’s dance floors: the Sub.mission resident DJ’s.

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Their names are printed on event posters featuring all your favorite artists, but when considering which DJ’s you’ve seen the most they probably don’t come to mind. They’ve kicked off all your most epic nights: those rowdy E-Tuesdays, the Caspa show that changed your life, your overseas hero’s unexpected Denver debut, perhaps a resident set is the last point you remember of one or two drunken escapades at Beta Nightclub. Residents play early sets. They’re not on stage to satisfy a sold-out crowd with bangers, or to sell themselves as stars. The resident DJ’s are there for you. When the night’s headliners take to the stage, you need to be warmed up and ready to rage. That’s the resident’s job, and these Sub.mission staples are masters of it. They are the gatekeepers of every legendary party, and loyal to the dance floor, they shine through the not-so-legendary nights, too. Each of the Sub.mission DJ’s has their own unique stylistic niche, but their finesse behind the decks is marked by versatility. The residents can be counted on to play what’s best for the party, spinning sets to complement and contrast with the headliners without competing with them. They exercise an admirable sense of dance floor omniscience: prior to March’s Final Fridays event a friend puzzled over the party’s final resident-filled slot, “What will Subliminal play? Closing for Matty G seems impossible.”

“Exactly what you want to hear after Matty G,” I replied.

“But what is that?” I didn’t know, either, but needless to say Subliminal had our backs.

Subliminal will go back-to-back with CurlyOne at Friday’s eight year celebration; their young trailblazing counterparts Sektah and Swayd team up for each of their first anniversary experiences behind the decks. But the 8 Year festivities really begin this Tuesday at Cervantes Other Side, and its only fitting that the residents spark ‘em up. After part two of the battle for a set at Sonic Bloom in May, the Sub.mission residents take the stage for a massive three hour b2b2b2b… throwdown. You know the night is in good hands with these vibe masters. Entry is only $5 for 21+ (FREE before 9pm!), under 21 $10. Come pay tribute to the DJ’s who tirelessly hold together your sacred scene, and celebrate eight years of Denver dubstep with Sub.mission – they are the backbone of the city’s booming bass business.

sonic bloom showcase

These artists are known for doing the mix thing on another level. Some of ‘em make some pretty sweet beats in their own right, too. Familiarize yourself with the sounds and styles of Sub.mission’s local resident selectors right here:


(March 2014 Mix)



(Reachin’ Out)



(Original tunes)



(March 2015 Mix)



(Sub.mission Podcast 150)



(Sub.mission Podcast 110)



(3K EP)

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