Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.04.52 PMIf you know anything about the Chicago nightlife scene, you know that PHNM is a staple. With DJ residences at Sound Bar Nightclub on Saturdays and Underground Chicago on Sunday, PHNM continues to impress any audience he plays to. His most recent remix transforms Future’s track “Shit” into a downtempo dream by adding a beat that has those 5am vibes written all over it. After listening to this remix, playing Future’s original track sounds like he was missing the groove that PHNM was able to supply. His continued success in Chicago has led him to team up with Johnathon Gust, better known as Zebo, to create a collaboration they call Light Em Up in which their goal is to change the future of the DJ industry. When you download their app and attend their live show, you can decide on what genre of music you want them to play just by choosing a color. When they yell out “Light Em Up” the crowd will hold up their phone with the colors they have selected to help determine what they will play next. Light Em Up with be announcing their very first festival performance this month. Be sure to keep up with PHNM as he will be releasing more music in the coming weeks as well as playing Time Nightclub this Friday with EC Twins. Grab tickets here and be sure to grab this track for free download!

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