We are pleased to continue our weekly photo gallery series, Photo Reel Friday with a compilation of fantastic photos by Tyler Vitello.

Tyler is an extremely talented photographer and videographer based out of Denver, CO. Tyler has been behind the lens at pretty much every major music event in Colorado for the last few years and shot many more around the world.

Tylers Inspiration: “Artists in their element off the stage.”

I asked Tyler “What are the top 3 favorite music events you have shot?”

1. Transmission  – Prauge

“Transmission Prague was crazy to attend and shoot because the rules are totally different there and because I wasn’t hired to shoot the show, but somehow managed to get on stage and in the dressing room with this huge DJ and kick it with him all night.”

2. Icelantic Winter On The Rocks – Red Rocks

“Next would have to be the winter on the rocks shows hosted by Icelantic because it’s not a normal red rocks show and being at that venue when it’s snowing, and you’re not even cold since there is so much energy and everyone is having so much fun, makes for some epic shots and beautiful scenery.”

3. Westward Music Showcase – Denver, CO

“Last I’d have to say the Westword Music Showcase that happens every year is also one I look forward to time and time again. The reason being it’s not all about big names and popular artists. This show incorporates local talent…as well as more well known headliners but my favorite part is to wander around to each venue and be able to listen to a bunch of different types of music and if I’m not into it, I move on. It’s awesome to be so spoiled with the music selection at this event.”


Photo Reel Friday - Tyler Vitello Michal Menert in the studio.

Photo Reel Friday - Tyler Vitello Michal Menert.

Photo Reel Friday - Tyler Vitello Michal Menert.

Photo Reel Friday - Tyler Vitello Markus Schulz in the green room.

Photo Reel Friday - Tyler Vitello Markus Schulz (This one is obviously not him off the stage but I thought it an interesting juxtaposition with the green room photo above.)

Photo Reel Friday - Tyler Vitello Turner Jackson chilling side stage.



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