We have yet another new collective to turn you on to on this fine April day. This team has roots in Vancouver, Canada but they are showcasing material from a vast spread of artists that happen to span the globe. Beat Boutique has been quick to make ground in the scene by broadcasting music that is truly on the forefront of sound. While you might recognize an artist or two featured throughout the sixteen tracks which make up this compilation you are definitely about to come across some talented new artists on the rise. As we have said before, one of our favorite aspects of all the new collectives that have begun to surface on the web is that just about every one of them is bringing new talent into the spotlight. Beat Boutique has served up a diverse blend of tracks that hit us with everything from downtempo beats, to house, hip hop, and trap vibes. On this preliminary release we are dealt tracks from Julia LewisClishé, OnyElevadid & Valleyz, Coastal, Halpe, So Sus, tapecut, Cresce, Tim Legend, BKLV, Trey Lewis, Backwhen, 8th//Entity, Myfrienderic, and Marsnova. Make sure you tune into some of these artists personal profiles if their contributions to the Beat Boutique Collection 1.0 truly stand out!

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