Many young producers are focused on catching their “big break” into electronic music’s sphere of influence. Emerging Denver artist Dalek One, however, devotes his energy to finding and refining his own sound. Instead of pouring over social media stats and pursuing SoundCloud followers, Dalek One channels his passion into production. His simple dedication to making good music is evidenced by a SoundCloud stream rich with original tunes, and his commitment to quality and constant improvement is paying off in a big way. On May 9th, Dalek One will be sharing the stage on Cervantes’ Other Side with Supreme, Mr. Vandal, and the notorious dubstep don Youngsta.

We’re excited to grace you with an exclusive sneak peek of what Dalek One has in store for the occasion. “Effects” demonstrates the artists’ touch for tunes on the deep end of dubstep’s stylistic spectrum. It’s the kind of tune you hear with your stomach rather than your ears: the creepy vibes and thick, nearly tangible sub-bass are reminiscent of the original dubstep sounds that we look forward to hearing from Youngsta himself on May 9th. Headphones absolutely do justice to the robust character of “Effects”, but if you dig this track, just wait til you hear it over a proper sound system. Tickets for this special night are available now.

Ready for a glimpse of what the kid can do? Snag the free download of “Effects” exclusively from The Dankles. If you like what you hear, check out Dalek One’s SoundCloud… the rising artist is overflowing with bass-fueled gems ready for your enjoyment.


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