Those of you that are in need of a little cool down before you call it a night, you’re going to be pleased you found your way into this post. The man Satta Don Dada has graced us with the privilege of dropping the curtains on his latest remix of MVG’s ‘R R R Romance’. We know Mondays can be rough so if you had a long day this should be the perfect addition to your evening. Hell, even if you had a great day you’re going to love what he has whipped up for your listening pleasure. This track came up on Satta Don Dada’s radar after a Fresh Produce showcase held out in Detroit. This monthly beat showcase takes place twice a month where a beat battle commences and a winner is then chosen once a month. March’s winner was MVG with the original version of ‘R R R Romance’. Satta took this lil beat, added some sensual vibrations, and morphed it into his own little after hours take. Least to say this is one sexy remix so dive on in and get lost for awhile folks.

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