Our second treat to keep you guys moving today is coming in hot all the way from the Netherlands. We recently connected with Levingtquatre via SoundCloud and soon got to talking about helping him to promote some future releases of his. One thing lead to another and we came to find out he was sitting on an entirely unreleased EP, so here we are. These tracks which make up his ‘Pruit-Igoe’ EP embody a wide variety of genres so make sure you give each track a solid listen because Levingtquatre truly adds his own unique flare to things. He hits us with everything from trap vibes, to deep dub, and ambient soundscapes that are sure to leave you in a dreamy daze. While much of the EP has a dark an ominous tone carried throughout it we are sure plenty of you will be swept away by this eclectic blend of tracks. Now get lost as Levingtquatre invades your eardrums with six new creations from his ever growing catalogue.

Download Here

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