As we mentioned yesterday we are dropping not one but two new Guest Mixes on you this week. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious now, but the second installment comes from the ever talented Ethan Glass! Just incase yesterday’s mix from MadBliss wasn’t up your alley you will likely fall in love with this one. Glass is a skilled producer that has whipped up a raucous hour long mix riddled with original material and straight up oozing with unreleased tracks from himself and a few friends. If this is the first time Ethan Glass is surfacing on your radar, you’re in for it. He has quite the knack for concocting some seriously experimental bass music that is sure to have you getting wild in no time. Last month he dropped his monstrous ‘Molten Chore’ EP on the highly esteemed Saturate Records imprint so if you like what he has churned up here make sure you check that out via the link below so you can grab a copy. Now turn up those speakers and dive on in! Whether you’re on the move in your car or soaking in some rays on this beautiful spring day this is sure to help you get over the hump this week.

Download Here

Ethan Glass – Bro Money, Bro Problems
Um.. – Don’t copy us

Ethan Glass – ????
SAYER x BOATS – ????
Ethan Glass – T-rekt
EPROM – Skatta (Ethan Glass Remix)
Ethan Glass – ????
G Jones – Crutch material
Ethan Glass – Cheeba Chewbacca VIP
Ethan Glass – Flood Walrus
Zeke Beats – Co-motion (Ethan Glass Remix)
Center of the Cosmos For Your Mind
Ethan Glass – Molten Chore
Ethan Glass – Mortal Wombat
Ethan Glass – Not A Petting Zoo
Zeke Beats – ????
Um.. – Birds in Paradise
Ethan Glass – HeirBnB
Ethan Glass – Coquettish
Ethan Glass – Locrians Castle
Ethan Glass – ????
Ethan Glass – Great Barrier Reefer
Aceyalone – Tai Chi (Ethan Glass Remix)
PANTyRAiD – BeBa (Ethan Glass Remix)
Ethan Glass – ????
Um.. – Pay Attention
Um.. – tictac
Ethan Glass – ????
Ethan Glass – Black Whole
Ethan Glass – Glassaffelstein

Check out the ‘Molten Chore’ EP here

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