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Every now and then we stumble across a producer who has such a stunning catalogue of material it’s impossible to just choose a single track to share with you guys. Thus is the case with BKLV (aka Baklava Beats). We came across this talented Australian producer on the recent Beat Boutique compilation which debuted a few weeks back and haven’t been able to stop rinsing through everything he has uploaded to his SoundCloud since. A majority of this material is released free of charge, adding one more thing to the list of reasons we have come to love BKLV. He hits us with a unique and lively blend of trap infused, laid back, future hip hop beats that will be quick to pull you in. While he is still carving out a niche for himself in the scene it shouldn’t be long until we see his name popping up all over the place if he keeps it up at this pace! Below we have selected a handful of his tracks we have been vibing on (in no particular order so hopefully this is a fitting introduction to what BKLV has up his sleeve.

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