A couple of weeks ago the team at Gravitas Recordings let loose a rowdy collaborative release from minds of Space Jesus and Esseks. The title alone should already cue you in on the fact you’re about to be smothered in a tumultuous blend of outlandish bass fueled mayhem that is sure to give you goosebumps. On ‘Dopplebangers’ we are introduced to four new originals from these guys (one which features the added flare of D.V.S.*) and a hefty serving of remixes cheffed up by Freddy Todd, Jade Cicada, Yheti, and the Zebbler Encanti Experience! Both Space Jesus and Esseks’ production styles pair perfectly to truly deliver a stand out and ear tickling auditory experience. Now dive on in and be prepared to have your souls rattled by this eclectic free//name your price release!

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