Strap yourself into your spaceship because this new exclusive is about to transport you into the cosmos. ‘Building Starships in Paradise’ is the opening track from West Coast bass maestro Intellitard’s brand spanking new EP ‘The Nudibranch’. The kicker is he is just unveiling it today in its entirety! The title stems from the order of bottom dwelling amorphous creatures, the sea-slug, but it is nothing near being native to this world. On this interstellar three track release we are hammered with a fresh array of alien-like bass vibrations that truly sound as if they are channeled from another realm of existence. While the other two tracks actually surfaced online on separate occasions, it’s truly a different experience being able to listen through them as a conjoined piece. Each track flows into one another with seamless intricacy and is sure to leave you yearning for more. Make sure you find your way over to Intellitard’s SoundCloud page where you can further delve into his archives of material.

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