We decided to sit down with the JJ Evanoff Experience and dig a bit deeper into their mastermind-trio, and what we discovered was exciting, to say the least. The trifecta of musical-imagination coursing through the veins of JJ Evanoff, Parker Oberholzer, and BK Kahn left us speechless after their performance opening up for Zoogma last Wednesday at the Fox Theater in Boulder. It was apparent that they felt completely at ease, and their constantly formulating improvisation shows their speedy progression, even after being together for a mere 7 months.

It all began as a solo project, but after years of producing incredible tunes, JJ decided to step it up to the next level and bring more perspective into this impressive project. The connection between the musicians after they met and rehearsed with one another was instant, and we can tell based off of their new release, “Breathe Out,” that was originally a project started by JJ on his own, but he later realized that it was necessary to bring the smooth and syncopated jazz drums and the perfectly situated bass line. With a backbone of classic rock, and the goal to bring back real rock music through their incorporation of the genre into modern dance music, we see where their true inspiration lies.

The band also has continued support, great management, stellar visual performances, and happens to be an extremely tight-knit group of friends. Their manager, Matt Jensen, serves the band with constant creativity, and drives them to further progress to the next level, and it seems to be working. And how could anyone pass up that light show? The light performance last Wednesday at the Fox proved Danny Shanahan’s skills behind LEDs. The vibes radiating off of one another both on stage and in the studio have proved to be successful and natural, and with gigs at the Lazy Dog in Boulder on May 28th and the Larimer Lounge on June 6th, everybody has the opportunity to see these guys live-in-action. With a tour in the works for this upcoming fall, the JJ Evanoff Experience has a few tricks of their sleeves, and we highly recommend y’all keep your eyes and ears open for any upcoming announcements from this new up-and-coming jamtronia project. It is sure to impress just about anybody.

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