Rather than dropping the curtains on this new video accompaniment to Nas-Ja’s latest single we thought it would be nice to lay it on you while you were settling in for the evening. On ‘Timelessness’ this Colorado producer on the rise hits us with a bouncing spread of immersive bass rhythms, skittering drums, and other time contorting vibrations that are sure to lull you into a dreamy daze as you are captivated by this brand spankin’ new video. Within this four minute clip we are pleasantly entertained by the dace moves of the beautiful and talented Karina Bater. As we travel from the coast into high snow caked mount tops she mesmerizes viewers as well orchestrated chops carry us along with the beat. churned up by Nas-Ja. ‘Timelessness’ will also be seeing a digital release tomorrow from our friends over at MalLabel Music, an imprint that has become a true pioneer of a wide breadth of forward thinking bass music. Be sure to check out their outlets for the official release tomorrow, May 7th (we will also embed a link in this post).

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