This week’s installment of our weekly guest mix series features a journey through classic deep dubstep sounds curated by American bass music artist eelko. eelko is known for his stylistic diversity covering every corner of the bass music spectrum, but situated at a consistent 140 BPM, this mix is for the dubstep heads – and anyone curious about the “deep, dark, and dangerous” tradition defining the genre’s foundation. eelko weaves together contemporary classics (Kahn – Abattior, anyone?) with exclusive, unreleased tunes of his own. Hailing from the east coast, eelko is one of the US artists acitvely shaping the unique and distinct stateside underground dubstep scene. Hopefully you’re hungry, because eelko comes bearing plates on plates for your auditory consumption. Check out this brand new mix only on The Dankles. For more sounds from the emerging stylistic innovator, follow eelko on SoundCloud. You can also snag his remixes EP for free courtesy of our friends at Sub.mission.

eelko-Denver bw

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eelko – The Experience of Being [dub]

Gantz, El Mahdy Jr – Rising

eelko – Nuclear Winter [dub]

Movado – Dem A Talk (Compa Refix)

Kahn – Abattoir

eelko – Psycho / Therapist [dub]

Proxima – Trapped

Occult – Sidious

eelko – Perspective [dub]

eelko – Dissonant Voices [dub]

eelko – Secrets Exhumed [dub]

Ming Da Mercilus – Where’s My Rover?

Lurka – Blank

eelko – Comic Perversion

Thelem – False Imprint

Mikael – Wada

eelko – Brief Interlude [dub]

eelko – Feels [dub]

How to Destroy Angels – A Drowing (eelko Remix)

eelko – Camera Obscura [dub]

AxH – I Feel Safe

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