We are sure many of you have taken noticed that our friends over at LostinSound.org and their various platforms were going through a bit of a rough patch over the past months. After loads of hard work they have finally relaunched their site and are jumping back onto everyones radar with the fourth installation of their compilation series. Having worked with so many talented artists over the years they thought it only right to reach out to a large breadth of them and see if they would like to have any part in contributing some exclusive material for this mind numbing release. After reaching out to 100+ artists they have wound up with this truly eclectic blend of tracks featuring 45 artists that are about to wiggle into your eardrums and get you grooving. Having always been a fan of what they do we couldn’t help but aid in turning your attention to this as well! Now I won’t go into naming off all of these amazing artists which took the time to churn up something special for them but as you delve into this monstrous release you will be smattered with a wide array of bass music; some may take you onto lush laid back voyages through space and time, while others will be riddled with crunchy intergalactic coding that will make your head spin. Now that’s enough from me, you guys have some serious catching up to do! Dive on in and see what is in store, hopefully this is enough to tide you over until they make their final unveiling in the near future.

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