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Recently we have been trying to be more diligent about turning you on to some seriously talented underground artists many of you might not have yet come across in your daily musical wanderings. Today we would like to take a moment to spotlight the endlessly gifted brigade that makes up Boostive. With roots in Santa Cruz, California these guys have truly engrained themselves in our eardrums over the past few months. After digging further into their SoundCloud archives after coming across ‘Feed the People’, we came to find out that they have actually been at it for years already. With that being the case we thought it would be a great opportunity to feature them in a little spotlight. Sitting on a continuously growing catalogue, you can hear these guys dish out everything from spacey trip hop vibes, to dub vibrations, experimental rhythms, and everything in between. Made up of seven talented musicians; Seiji (producer, bass, guitar, keys), Dylan (guitar), Nathan (sax, keys), Andrew (drum and bass), Mulligan B (engineer, guitar, bass), Travis (trombone), and Lindsay Salami (vox) it’s no wonder they have so much versatility worked into their sound. Below we have a vast selection of their material from over the years so don’t be afraid to grab a free download and share their passion with your friends!


Download ‘Feed the People’ Here

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