1. It’s Cheap

A ride costs $20-$30. With that money you get a sober driver, a huge party bus, and a great story. If you already get it and don’t need 4 more reasons, hit this calendar and get your tickets for Summer season HERE NOW!!!!!!


Save your loot! Spend it on other stuff like guns and tequila. @cashcasts

2. DJ On Board 

Bustoshow is unlike other party bus company in that they consistently have DJs play their busses. This is great not only for the bus riders but for the performers themselves. It gives small artists a place to to play for their fans and friends that’s not a 7pm opener spot at a dive bar. A bunch of solid artists have played Bustoshow busses and have said it has contributed to their success. These artists include BearsohmyBen SamplesProject Aspect and many more. Its like DJ bootcamp, If you can DJ on a moving bus with a bunch of wasted kids telling you to play levels every 5 mins.. you can play anywhere!

Get down on the way down.


3. The Cause 

Bustoshow is a very purposeful organization. The founder Dustin Huth is an amazing dude that is super down to contribute to the art, music and comedy community. A portion of the revenue from every bustoshow goes to their in house charity The Basics Fund. The Basics Fund organization provides resources to artists and musicians. Everything from the small stuff like art supplies to major stuff like health care.

Giving back to the community in style.

Giving back to the community in style with BTS founder Dustin Huth.


4. It’s Better Than A Limo 

FUCK LIMOS! This is the brilliance of Bustoshow. They use vehicles that are built to handle gross little middle school kids. They give a second purpose to old clunks of metal that would otherwise sit in the dump. You can smoke, drink, spill and do pretty much anything except stick or throw anything out the windows, that’s the only rule.

You can actually get crazy in a school bus!

You can get crazy as fuck in school busses!


This is completely self explanatory but bustoshow makes not driving to shows cheap and awesome. For the one millionth time DONT DRINK AND DRIVE.. Drink and party!

Show up to the show and crack open a beer or two or 10.

Drink beers on the way, in the lot and at the show without a worry.. Bustoshow has you covered.


Get your Bustoshow tickets HERE!




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