Hot damn, it’s like some serious Armageddon business with all this fire raining down on us lately. ¬†We have already seen a few killer releases in the first few weeks of 2016, but this one may take the cake. West coast bass guru Bleep Bloop just dropped the reigns on his ‘Pentocular Mix’ and it’s about to start causing some serious ruckus. Being made up of all unreleased originals, collabs, and remixes you truly don’t know what to expect from track to track. Industrial and guttural basslines meld with clashing robotic synths to send us in a frenzy of wild experimental bass music. In addition to dropping this half hour of new chunes on the reverend Bleep Bloop dropped the curtains on a lil’ spring tour that will take him all the way across the US! You can find those dates and cities below, in the meantime try not to get sucked into a wormhole while you’re ripping through this new mix.

feel the cosmos vip
baka w/ sayer
recombine ft brsmsn
flora w/ noer the boy
no memory
water on mars
all i wanna do
???w/ g jones
disk error w/ the originalz
get busy w/footsie & g jones
f r e e g u w o p
boss w/boygold


Edit ***2.4 in Eugene is at HIFI MUSIC HALL***

(Oh and by the way, that bad ass artwork you see here, that’s thanks to Gary Paintin)


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