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Every year the kind folks that throw the annual Gem & Jam Festival bring a star studded lineup of musicians and artist to Tucson for a weekend of mingling that overlaps with the yearly gem show which also draws people in from all around the world. This year the festival is celebrating their ten year anniversary so you can rest assured they have gone all out. Not only is the lineup all around awesome, but they also made a couple adjustments to the festival itself as the word continues to spread. We have only been in attendance the past three years and the amount this small festival has grown in that short time alone is incredible. That being said we are very excited to see what they have put together this year!


One of the biggest announcements for this years get together is the unveiling of a new camping option for patrons. Now we know not everyone can swing a hotel room for the weekend on top of making a trip out to Tucson so we are sure these passes are going to fly! That being said, don’t sleep, if you haven’t figured out your lodging yet this might literaly be the ticket! If this is already peaking your interest then follow the link HERE to check out the options at hand.

The real reason we have you here today though is to turn you on to a few of the talented artists on the bill which you may not already be familiar with. While we are sure there are plenty of artists on the schedule that you’re already acclimated to, we want you to turn an ear to something that may be new to you. This is the case with almost every festival bill and there is always a handful of skilled rising stars with sets that sometimes get breezed by because their name is not yet familiar with people. But that’s what we are here for! Stroll through this little playlist below and take note of their set times on the schedule above so you don’t miss them when you get down there!

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