Ready to go deep, dark, and dangerous? New Zealand dubstep duo Truth is known for spreading the more sinister side of bass music to dungeon dwellers worldwide. Their Deep, Dark, & Dangerous label gives rising producers the opportunity to showcase their talent with the DDD sample project. Artists can download free sample packs and submit the demons summoned from them for the chance to be featured by the label. Round 2 of the project is under wraps, and the results are chilling. Thirty tunes were chosen from over one hundred submissions. Deep, Dark, and Dangerous features a mix of the winning tracks constructed from District’s sample pack. The mix (as well as many of the tunes it contains) is available now as a free download.

The DDD sample project attracts producers in all stages of their careers. This round of highlighted artists includes established dubstep staples like LSN, as well as plenty of emerging talent: Durandal, eelko, Dar Kist, and Organik are among the collection. The full track list is printed below; also check out selections from the first round of the project.

If this sounds like a fun challenged, stay locked to the Deep, Dark, & Dangerous Facebook and SoundCloud pages. Sample pack number 3 will be available soon!

Track List:

Elemental Entropy – Subduction
Arkwright – The Truth District
Dar Kist – The Watcher
Brightwing – Dark City
Durandal – DDD Collab
Spec – Version
Soulprodz – UFO
Yakooza & Kua – Skinwalker
Frequency Dreams – Triplet District
Sectra – Insomnia
Samba – Kreis
Wretch – Indriocotherium
Capcha – Disctrict Shutdown
Organik – Anxiety
Rufus – Manic
Wheelton – Nightmare
Sub-Stance – Visions
Ericon – Smithereens
Pushloop – Ghost Town
Surphace – Deep Space Riddim
Sinter – Watcher’s Woods
Neuraal – Exodus
L Nix – District Collab
Eelko – Violent Separation
Kantyze – District is Deep, Dark & Dangerous
Kiva – VII
Winky Face – Gangsta
Enzo – Take
LSN – Mill
R4NSOM – Cityspeak

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