Fans of David Block’s project The Human Experience have cause for celebration! David recently released the self-titled album for his new project – Gone Gone Beyond. The 6-track self-titled debut album features all original compositions featuring Paul Weinfield on guitar and Danny Musengo on vocals with Block providing the ever essential electronic base that all of the beauty is built upon.

At first listen, the album seems to be a large departure from the familiar sounds of The Human Experience. The gritty vocals and transient guitar have allowed Block to depart from his traditional electronic roots and indulge in a more instrumental and experimental form of expression. The first single off of the album, “Back Swing” makes this immediately apparent. We are greeted with a warm, mellow guitar line, a subtle trumpet track and a mellow bass line make you feel as if you are sitting on your Grandparents porch reminiscing on simpler days of ignorance. While this track has a heavy instrumental focus, many of the other tracks on the album offer a more familiar electronic feel while being painted with the unique vocals of Danny Musengo.

My favorite aspect of this album is that every track has a unique feel while maintaining a thread of consistency. As more and more musicians (especially on Soundcloud) subscribe to a homogenous sound reminiscent of the Soulection movement, Gone Gone Beyond takes you on a trip to their planet. I think you are going to want to stick around for a while.

Gone Gone Beyond is performing this Saturday at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Get more information:



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