While some patrons are beginning to kick off their adventures in Central America with some pre festival retreats, we are sure there are plenty of you still sitting at home chomping at the bit to get yourself down to Envision Festival! With only a week until the festivities get underway we thought it would be nice to put together a little playlist together to tide you over until you can see these talented artists strut their stuff down in Uvita.

This arrangement of fifteen tracks is an amalgamation of genres that is meant to turn you on to some artists within the line up that you may not be too familiar with. While some of these guys are still gems in the rough, there are definitely a few artists in the mix that have began to garner quite a following around their tunes. Tucked inside you will find tunes from Shamans Dream, Anchor Hill, Wu Wei, Cualli, Digital Rust, AtYyA, Matt Haze, The Cat’s Pajamas (a David Block side project), Javier Portilla, Justin Marchacos, Lafa Taylor, Griff, Beat Fatigue, Medium Troy, and Defunk. Now dive in and tune out as these talented producers take you on a bit of an auditory joyride, we will see you down in Costa Rica!

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