I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Boulder funk lords and good friends Sunsquabi.  Over the past five years, Sunsquabi has gone from a group of friends playing music together for fun to one of the newest additions to Griz‘s All Good Records and current support on The Floozies national tour.  Check out the Interview and their recent releases below:

  1. Your first EP on All Good Records, Odyssey, is set to be released early March.  What does this album mean to you guys?  How have you changed as a band since releasing the Anytime EP?

We feel that we have all grown and matured vastly through our experiences over the last year. We have been very fortunate to play at some really amazing venues and festivals, as well as record in the studio on a much higher level than ever before.

  1. I have heard a lot of people saying that your latest single, Squabcat, is reminiscent of Ratatat. What are some of your influences for this album?  Also, what is the significance of the actual Squabcat to you and your fans?

We are most definitely fans of Ratatat, but like to think the music we all collectively listen to is very diverse. This album comes from listening to quite a bit of classic funk material such as Steely Dan and Jamiroqui, as well as more modern experiments such as STS9 and the new Daft Punk album (Random Access Memories). Spending a lot of time in the studio with GRiZ as well as performing live has certainly shaped our work ethic on the record.

The SquabCat was an artifact which was taken from us last year in Milwaukee, the same place where it was given to us by a loyal and loving family of fans. PS if anyone has seen him, please notify SunSquabi ASAP

  1. You have been collaborating with a lot of heavy hitters in the last year including Griz, Manic Focus and you are currently on tour with the Floozies.  What have you learned through the time spent with these musicians?

As we continue to have opportunities to collaborate with some of our biggest influences (STS9, Big Gigantic, GRiZ, The Floozies, Manic Focus etc.), we are constantly inspired by the attention to detail that these musicians and their crews practice on a daily basis. We have been rehearsing intensely in our own brand new space in Denver, with a goal to release 2 albums this year.

  1. You have been together for 5 years and seem to one of the most consistent, humble bands I have encountered.  How have you maintained such steady growth while also staying true to your roots?

We we’re all very lucky to be raised with the attitude that respect is earned where it is given. In other words, treat people how you would like to be treated. Entitlement is a powerful thing, and humility is the key to balance in our lives. As more opportunities come, the challenges also grow equally, so we find it best to keep our heads down and work hard to see the best results. Show love, Spread love.

  1. You recently sold out the Ogden for your “Hometown Throwdown” show.  I was there and can personally vouch that the place was full of energy.  What made this show so special and do you plan to do it again?

The Ogden show was a tremendous chance to play one of the most important venues in our hometown, but not only for the prestige, we also accomplished this with a bill comprised of all of our best friends. We share a rehearsal space in Denver with Late Night Radio and are constantly collaborating with everyone that was a part of that show (VibeSquad, Proper Motion) Having Robotic Pirate Monkey in the house was a true privilege as well, as those two essentially raised us as young pups in the live-electronic realm in Boulder, CO.

  1. What are you all currently listening to?

Kevin : Lusine, Tipper, The new Floozies Album (Granola Jones)

Andrew : J. Cole, Paper Diamond (Levitate EP), Exmag

Butters : STS9 live sets, VulfPeck, Lettuce

  1. I know we would all love to see another Sunsquabi headlining show in Colorado.  Are there any plans in the works to make this happen?

Actually as of today we can tell you that we’re planning something really special for April but can’t really say much more than that right now. We’ll be at Sonic Bloom in June and have a very very very special announcement for late in the season!

Scope the first two singles from Sunsquabi’s Odyssey below and make sure to catch them with The Floozies when they come to a town near you!

Tour Dates Here.

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