As we are all planning our future endeavors, it is apparent that some of our plans may take convincing, travel costs, etc.; but ponder no more… Euphoria Music Fest is about to be the spot for any and all music lovers. This fest will be bringing some of the biggest names in deep bass music, to some of the modern funk pioneers of our generation. Here is just a small slew of artists that will blow your mind beyond belief.


G Jones (Friday): This shit bumps. Notorious for his syncopated and bass-weighted beats, Greg Jones can murder the venue. We anticipate this to be one of the heaviest-hitting sets of the entire weekend; the place to let completely loose and go buck-fucking-wild, so hit this set up! G Jones is about to show you who’s boss, to say the least…


The Motet (Sunday): Fresh from our home state, The Motet bring the fuego. Known for their ridiculous holiday bashes, Grateful Dead and David Bowie covers, all the way to some new-age funk, they sure can bring the energy to any room lacking.


Blunt Force (Thursday Pre-Party): Not only does Blunt Force bring the electro-funk, but it really connects to the soul. It’s just always so apparent that these guys (Brian and Deniz) are having a wicked time, and that energy transfers directly to the crowd. They can hit the grime, funk, jazztronica, and probably just about anything they put their minds to. Expect these guys to help pop the party off on Thursday before Bass Physics and The Polish Ambassador, so make sure to arrive early to guarantee a spot to groove, because it’s goin’ down.


Lettuce (Saturday): Bringing the funk to Austin, this band will. With their jedi-like musicianship and synchronistic talent, this band will make your legs noodle al dente. A guaranteed dance-party and an even better performance, Lettuce will funk you up… literally. The enveloping bass undertones from Jesus Coomes and the jazzy beats from Adam Deitch will make you feel like you teleported to New Orleans and are living in the culture. We highly recommend y’all set some time aside on Saturday to let these guys bring you some of the funkiest tunes of our generation.


STS9 (Friday): This band is bringing their sound to new heights, and after forming over 17 years ago in Atlanta, STS9 is performing at the peak of their own existence. With new-found bassist, Alana Rocklin, in the mix, we can hear this band begin forming it’s own, unique genre falling within the balance of Jazztronica and outer-space funk vibes. This band is a must see this weekend, and we know your minds will be blown to smithereens.

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