It has been a solid few months since we were able to bring you a taste of some new hip hop. We are happy to be ending that dry spell today by teaming up with Denver’s Young Amsterdam team to premiere the latest single from one of their very own members. This group of talented lyricists is continually doing everything they can to edge the Denver hip hop scene into the spotlight. ‘Level Up’ is the latest to surface from Flawless Money and damn are we happy to be the people dropping the curtains on this one!
We are immediately roped in by Flawless Money’s ever so catchy intro as the track progresses into a hyphy anthem that is sure to find itself stuck in your head in no time. In the midst of Flawless’ verses and the trunk thumping production we are lead to the real message that is woven into the track. Don’t let the people around you hold up your progress and keep your eyes on the sky! If you’ve been having a long week this track is just what you’ll need to help you get up and over the hump today.

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